As a homeowner in Fleming Island Plantation, you have the right to decide whether or not your tenants have permission to use the Amenities. The reason for this is only one family (at that address) has the rights at a time. Meaning if you live nearby in a non-FIP community and plan on using the pool and renting out your home, either you (the homeowner) use the Amenities, or your tenants use the Amenities – not both.

If you have tenants and would like to grant them access to the Amenities, please fill out the following paperwork and either drop it off at the Amenity Center or fax it back to us at 904-278-8729. Tenants will NOT be granted access to the Amenities without this paperwork and a copy of the lease.

Click here to download the Amenity Release Form

Also please keep in mind, if you’ve owned FIP Photo ID cards (at that address) or any previous tenants have received them as well, it does cost $15 per person for any new tenants over the age of 3 wanting to obtain FIP Photo ID cards.