The Fleming Island Plantation C.D.D. is an independent, special purpose unit of local government that was created by ordinance by the Florida Land & Water Adjudicatory Commission, pursuant to Chapter 190 of the Florida Statues. This ordinance also includes the Charter for Fleming Island Plantation C.D.D., which grants the C.D.D. the powers and duties permitted under state law. The C.D.D. was established to finance the construction and the maintenance of the community infrastructure, amenities and landscaping. The C.D.D. is directed and governed by a board of five supervisors initially elected by the property owners within the C.D.D. Thereafter, as provided by state law and the C.D.D.s’ Charter, the Board of Supervisors will be elected by the majority vote of the property owners within the C.D.D.

The Fleming Island Plantation C.D.D. was created to enable the community to offer a higher standard of infrastructure, amenities and landscaping, while providing the residents with the assurance that the community maintenance standards will continue long after the developer has completed the community. Specifically, the C.D.D. was created to plan, construct, acquire, operate and/or maintain systems and facilities such as the storm water drainage system, the internal road system, wetland preservation areas, the water and sanitary sewer mains, the reclaimed water irrigation system, the community entry monuments, landscaping, signage, the community parks and community amenities. The C.D.D.’s maintenance responsibilities will be associated mainly with the community’s landscaping, irrigation system, park sites, pier and park within Margaret’s Walk, the Amenity Center and Splash Park facilities. The residents and landowners within the Fleming Island Plantation C.D.D. pay for the C.D.D. The C.D.D. collects its funds through annual assessments that will appear on the property owners tax bill prepared and collected annually by the Clay County Tax Collectors Office.

The C.D.D.’s annual assessments consist of two components. The first component of the annual assessment is the debt service on the bond indebtedness. The debt service for single family homes is a fixed amount of $693 and is constant for the term of the bond, which is 30 years, 2031. The second component of your annual assessment is for the operation and maintenance costs of the District. The Operation and Maintenance assessment is subject to adjustment each year depending upon levels of service desired by the C.D.D. and the costs of operation and maintenance contracts. For fiscal year 2012 (October 1st 2011 thru September 30th 2012), the O&M single family home assessment was $767. The O&M annual assessment is set by the CDD Board of Supervisors after the annual budget is adopted. Every summer the Board will hold annual budget hearings, which are open to the public.

For additional CDD. information please contact your District Management team:

Janice Eggleton Davis, C.D.D. District Mgr. 904-940-6044,

Marcia Weeks, Project Manager, 904-278-8613,

or feel free to contact your Board directly by simply going to Contacts under the FIP CDD heading for all of their information.


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